The Heart of Shullsburg

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Welcome to The Heart of Shullsburg, a living compilation of pictures and stories from the past to the present in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

My hope is for this to become a community project for compiling information on all the buildings; what businesses were in them or who lived in them.

Each individual building page has a chat button on it, but they are not working interactively like I had hoped. I do get any messages you send through chat, but for some reason, the comments don't show on the page so you can communicate with others  Click here for the Heart of Shullsburg Facebook page, where you can interact with others. 

The Streets link has a list of the streets in town. Clicking on the street name will take you to a page with pictures of the houses on that street. Click on the individual address to go to the information page for that address. You can also click the Contact link at the top of the page and send me an e-mail with any information or questions. There's a place there to upload any pictures or documents you have that would fill in missing information on any of the buildings.

Browse around and make yourself at home. It's just like being here. And please let me know if there's anything that would make navigating through the site easier.